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At Ardtully Retirement Residence we are able to offer a home away from home for our residents, while ensuring their care and personal needs are met too. A home is a place to feel cared for, loved and comfortable so that is what we strive for.

A home away from home

We work hard to create a peaceful atmosphere throughout our home. Residents’ rooms are cosy and personalised and have all of their own creature comforts, plus the convenience of full-time care.

Freedom and privacy are important to us and so we ensure that residents are able to enjoy spending time in their bedrooms and they aren’t just a place to sleep. Our period care home has original features, big windows and lots of space so that residents really feel like they are at home.

Phone and TV points are available in every bedroom so our residents can enjoy catching up with relatives or their favourite TV shows in the comfort of their own bedrooms. At Ardtully we also provide a wireless internet connection for residents and their visitors – connectivity and communication is a great way for our residents to feel thought of and part of the modern world.

Sometimes our residents need medical equipment in their bedrooms. We try to make it part of the furniture so their bedroom always feels like their own safe space and not overly clinical or hospital-like.

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Familiar surroundings

Many of our residents bring their own furniture from home, along with ornaments and family photographs so that their bedroom at Ardtully feels as homely as possible, as quickly as possible. This is particularly helpful to residents living with dementia as familiar faces and belongings can help ease the transition to living in
a care home.

Bigger pieces of furniture can also be brought in so that our residents’ bedrooms really do feel like home. Ardtully is comfortable and warm, but nothing compares to your own belongings.

Continuity of care and surroundings can be so helpful to people living with dementia or memory impairment and furniture and belongings are just one of the ways we provide comfort and reassurance to our residents here at Ardtully.

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