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We reside in an incredible 19th century building in beautiful Ingatestone. It’s full of character and provides a wonderfully homely environment for everyone who lives and works here.

Conveniently located between Brentwood and Chelmsford, Ardtully is a comfortable and experienced care home in Essex and we have a whole host of shops, cafes and things to do right on our doorstep.

We encourage our residents to enjoy all that Ingatestone and our surrounding area has to offer and never say no to some fresh air and a nice, warm drink.

Our home is close to the train station and local bus routes, which means residents can easily get out and about and relatives and loved ones can get to us with little to no hassle. Staying connected to your friends and family is vital, whether you live far away or just around the corner.

At Ardtully Retirement Residence, we have a wheelchair accessible vehicle which means we can support residents with transportation, even if they struggle to get around. The freedom to choose is imperative to the way we care at Ardtully, whether that means staying at home under a blanket, or getting out and about with friends and family.

Family Focused

Staying in touch with your loved one is reassuring for everyone. For them it provides continuity, love and companionship and, for you, peace of mind that your loved one is being well taken care of.

We know that visits can sometimes be emotional or difficult, so we ensure that you have the privacy and freedom to enjoy time together in a way that suits your family. That might mean one-to-one time in our library or your family member’s bedroom, or coming to one of our events so you can spend time together with the wider home community.

Ardtully is a small care home where we are able to look after up to 26 people at any one time. We welcome family and friends to our small community, where we are able to provide one-to-one care and get to know our residents’ family members too.

Residential Care Home Near Me - Ingatestone - Essex - Ardtully Care Home

Residential Care Home - Essex - Ingatestone - Ardtully Care Home

Our Staff

Our team is at the heart of everything we do here at Ardtully Retirement Residence. From our experienced and professional care manager, to our dedicated care workers, it is through their kindness and compassion we are able to provide such a high standard of care.

We truly believe that providing care is one of the most rewarding jobs there is, but we know it isn’t easy. It takes a special person to care for someone else, which is why we take a values-based approach to recruiting here at Ardtully.

We hand-pick our staff, from housekeeping and kitchen staff to our groundskeepers and care staff, because the right traits and frame of mind are crucial when it comes to providing the highest standard of person-centred care.

Once our team members are on board they go through rigorous training and are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure we are always ahead of the curve and able to deal with residents’ changing needs.


At our care home in Ingatestone, we help our residents to discover new hobbies, reignite old passions and spend time with fellow residents and staff members.

We cater to all levels of physical and mental abilities so that everyone can make the most of everyday, but never feel overwhelmed.

From gentle exercises and singalongs, to board games and books, our activities team here at Ardtully blend their own skills with entertainers from our local community to provide a busy calendar of activities, where there is sure to be something for everyone.

We are fortunate to have a beautiful, mobility-friendly garden here at Ardtully where residents can enjoy a peaceful walk in the sunshine or spend time with family and friends.

Elderly Care Home - Ingatestone - Essex - Ardtully Care Home

Elderly Care Home - Ingatestone - Epping - Ardtully Care Home

Schedules And Structure

Routine can make a huge difference to a person’s life, especially when they are living with dementia. Our staff are always on hand to support residents, guiding them through their day in a kind and reassuring way.

We support our residents with as much or little support as they require at any one time, from washing and dressing, to providing medication and helping at meal times. Ensuring our residents are treated with dignity and respect is always our number one priority, no matter what level of care they might need.

Consistency is key here at Ardtully, both in our routine and in the people who support our residents every day. We encourage residents to keep track of their own days wherever possible with handy little hints and tools like notebooks and to-do lists.

Promoting independence is at the heart of the care we provide here, but we know that people’s needs change and so we change with them.

We host regular meetings at Ardtully where residents can voice their opinions and give feedback so that we can always provide the right level of care for them. Whether it’s simply choosing what goes on the menu for this evening’s meal or deciding where our next group outing will be, we want to hear from our residents as often as we can.

We hold regular meetings for our residents. This gives them the opportunity to voice their opinions about any part of their lives, suggest new activities or even help plan their next adventure.

Whether it is simply choosing what to have for dinner (all residents can pick whatever they would like each mealtime) or a major change to schedules, it’s important to us that their voice is heard.

Next steps

Now you have an insight into our residential care in Ingatestone, feel free to arrange a visit to Ardtully to meet our staff and experience our fantastic facilities.

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